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Give Children of Borneo a Chance for a basic Education - Help to sponsor a unique Project for more than 12,000 Children without access to School in Borneo's Plantations, on islands and in other remote Areas.


  • Many of the kids growing up in oil palm plantations in Sabah on Borneo still face a childhood without a single day in school and are at great risk of becoming child labourers from an early age.

  • Because of poverty and lack of access to school these children from the Bajau Laut minority will spend a big part of their childhood living on the street.

  • These are some of the children we are reaching out to with our projects.



      Newly built learning centre for Bajau Laut kids.

   Beautiful new learnings centre for the children in PPB/Wilmar's Estates

  • Malaysia is a fast progressing nation with big improvements in living conditions and better education for its people. But many children living in remote areas do not have access to schools, such as the children of Indonesian or Philippine plantation workers in Sabah, mainly because of distance, poverty and legal status. These are some of the children, we try to reach with our programme. Our work is to start learning centres for these children in the remotest areas, far away from towns, where the children live, and often only accessed  by four wheel drive vehicles.

Kids on their way to the learning centre.


  • Our Vision is to reach the thousands of children, who are presently deprived of education on Borneo and specifically in the State of Sabah. This we practise in accordance with the UN's Child Right Convention, which says that all children have a right to a primary education, regardless of background, nationality and legal status.

  • We also hope to contribute to the UN’s Millennium Development Goals on education, to ensure that by 2015 all boys and girls can complete a full course of primary education.

  • Our aim is to reach as many children as possible with good education and care. In this we hope to serve children in Malaysia and the state of Sabah, so they may grow up to become knowledgeable and active participants in their society.

  • "There is no place on earth and no race, which is not capable of producing the finest types of humanity, given suitable opportunities and education.             MAHATMA GANDHI











These children have talents, hopes and ambitions like all other children and given the chance for education, they do their best with it.











Status 3. Quarter 2009: Borneo Child Aid Society/Humana is now providing Primary Education to 8500 underprivileged children in 105 Learning Centres in Sabah, Malaysia. And we are still counting.......                                See below chart

  • Borneo Child Aid Society  is presently opening and operating these Learning Centres approved with permits from the Ministry of Education, Kuala Lumpur and the Department of Education in Sabah providing education and care for primarily children of  plantation workers and other children without other access to education.

  • We are presently running more than 100 Learning Centres for over 8000 children of mainly plantation workers.
  • We aim to give these children a better chance in life through a basic education.
  • We provide daily education and care for the children.
  • We teach the children in English, Malay, Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Science and general knowledge about Indonesia and Malaysia. We practice integrated education with Music, Dance, Sports and Culture. 

  • Teachers sent by the Indonesian Government are asigned to our programme to help reach the plantation children.

  • Help us to give the children a basic education and a hope for a better life.


Visit to Learning Centre in Madai Estate headed Dato' Abdul Latif bin Endot the Private Principal Secretary to Malaysia's Minister of Education and Mr.Kenneth Luis Director of the Foreign Relations Department of the Ministry of Education.

Borneo Child Aid Society is locally registered and known as "Humana Child Aid Society Sabah". The society was formed in 1991 with an initial sponsorship of the Europe based NGO, Humana , until 1998, when the sponsorship ended. Fortunately the main sponsorship was taken over by the Malaysian Company Hap Seng Consolidated's  "Lau Gek Poh Foundation" under the initiative of its CEO Mr. John Madsen with whom we have had a close cooperation since then.  

At this time Borneo Child Aid Society operates as an independent social NGO without formal ties to any international organizations. But we are seeking support and cooperation from NGOs, corporations and funding organisations for our efficient and wide reaching education projects for thousands of deserving children in Sabah and Malaysia.

Borneo Child Aid Society is also member of CRIN (Child Rights Information Network) and INEE (Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies)

We are a full NGO member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil RSPO from where we are trying to raise the issue of plantation children's right to education.

We are proud to have been part of the "Yayasan Harapan Kanak-Kanak Malaysia" initiated campaign to collect a million children's pictures and their visions for Malaysia.


Corporate Social Responsibilitiy.    

 "To do good is the greatest Joy."                     

 Ancient Asian Idiom.                          

Borneo Child Aid Society is primarily funded by socially responsible companies and other important donors, who want to take part in providing a better future for these children.

Today it is vitally important that also the corporate world take part in providing solutions for these social problems by helping children, who belong to the poorest and who do not otherwise get a proper chance of education. The investment in these children will come back many times.

We need your Support!

Borneo Child Aid Society's Honorary Advisor is Mr. John Madsen, board member of Malaysian Institute of Management as well as Malaysian Danish Business Council and Danish Honorary Consul John Madsen has offered continued unwavering support for our society during the past 10 years. 










Malay Traditional Dance performed by children from plantation learning centre.


Documentation in Pictures and Video:        

   BCAS pics 2008

 BCAS Flickr 2007

Program about Malaysian CSR featuring our learning centres on World Business Channel on CNBC:


British MP Bill Wiggin talks about Palm Oil plantation's social and environmental responsibilities in connection with visit to among others our Learning Centres with Sime Darby. Daud Rian Maelzer TV Reporter World Business.



See also the Photo Gallery and Video Clips

                           Graduation day Tabanak

The first 3 Learning Centres were started on three plantations by a group of people with teacher's backgrounds in 1991 in Sabah after finding that the children on the plantations mostly did not go to school, and that there were many health problems such as malaria, measles and other diseases. We have employed dedicated teachers, among who the most important qualification is the willingness to stay often far from families, educating and caring for the children in the plantation to which they are assigned. These teachers have over the years helped us to reach thousand of children, and have in the process been active developing our unique programs, where singing, dancing, sports and other cultural elements are an important part in educating and enlightening the children.

Children from Tabanak performing plant growing dance during Sports Festival 2005


Borneo Child Aid Society is a member of the  "Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil" in which forum we work to join forces with progressive and socially responsible plantation companies and other corporations involved in processing or trading palm oil to secure a proper basic education for the children of plantation workers.

  • See RSPO Website www.rspo.org                                                                

  • Download BCAS articles from RSPO Newsletter here:  

RSPO Newsletter 1 2006

RSPO Newsletter 3 2006

RSPO Newsletter 1 2007


send us an email:  



Email: info@borneochildaid.org



Updates 2010-11 :




January 2011:

  • Semporna Islands Darwin Project at Lill Babs Learning Centre, BumBum

December 2010:

  • During indigenous people event in KL organised by the EU delegation to Malaysia and Suhakam we received a 2 year EU grant for the bajau laut projects

  • Donation from German Embassy for boat school project.

November 2010:

  • Our good friends from Ankarstiftelsen, Sweden start construction of 2. Swedish school project in BumBum.

October 2010:

  •  Opening of Learning Centre at Cepat Wawasan for underprivileged children with Minister of Plantations Tan Sri Bernhard Dompok and Ambassadors from Finland and Denmark and our friends from UNICEF

August 2010:

  • Great Visit by the EU Delegation to Malaysia. Ms. Adrienn Sallai and Ms. Marian to our EU sponsored projects.

July 2010:

  • Visit by Elizabeth Wee from HSBC and sponsorship of running expenses for 3 bajau laut projects.

June 2010:

May 2010:

April 2010:   

March 2010:

February 2010:

Januar 2010:

  • Good start of new school year.

  • Support from Neste Oil Finland: A very good showing of commitment towards social sustainability in six year support enabling 265 children's education.

December 2009:

November 2009:

October 2009:

September 2009:

  • Start of new centre in Bimbingan Estate IOI

August 2009:

July 2009:

  • Donation of 6 Laptop computers from Acer.

  • Visit by UNICEF Deputy Representative Eva Jenkner.

  • Sports in Giram, Sime Darby

June 2009:

  • Important support from Grundfos Denmark

  • Continued funding for 600 children by the EAC Foundation, Denmark

May 2009:

April 2009:

March 2009:

February 2009:

January 2009:

Timeline 2006-8:



Donations and Sponsorships:

The Embassy of Finland has been sponsoring our programme with M$ 100,000 per Year from 2004 to 2007 and this has been increased to RM 200,000 in 2008.

Thank You Finland!

Embassies and other support:

Grant for Human/Children's Rights from European Commission


Embassy of Finland (Important Donations 2004 to 2010)

Embassy of Germany, Kuala Lumpur - Donation for 2 boat engines for Bajau Laut projects.  


Ministry of National Education, Republic of Indonesia (Sending of teachers and support for the programme) 


Embassy of The Netherlands (Donations 2007 -2009)


Corporate Social Responsibility

Partners among plantation companies:

                                 Neste Oil     
EAC Foundation

 Poul Due Jensens Fond





     Micro & Macro Approach Sdn Bhd




Our warm thanks to All!

We still need support:                          We are in need of funding, which will make it possible for us to develop our project and to reach more of the thousands of underprivileged children in Sabah with education.

Sponsor 50 Children's Education:        M$ 24000  (about: USD 7100  or Eur 4700)

Sponsor a Child: RM 480.00 per year

How to Donate?    

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We are also interested in book donations, vitamins or nutrients and 2. hand or new computers and printers, which are used by the teachers to produce education material in the plantations and many other items.

See also our extensive wishlist: